Founded in 1979, Wirefab Industries is a custom electrical wire harness and power cord manufacturer in Toronto, Ontario, Canada with one goal:

To produce quality products that are not only safe for you and me, but for the environment as well.

Why do we love the environment?

Well that is all thanks to our president, Hanna Shaheen. In the early to mid 90s, Mr. Shaheen had a dream. That dream was to have workspaces that were of the highest quality while still being environmentally friendly. True to his word, he sought out to do just that.

“I felt a sense of caring and responsibility to the environment and to the people in it. If we don’t start taking the initiative, who will” Hanna Shaheen.

It was this vision and sense of compassion that drove him to introduce energy effective measures in the working environment, creating energy saving workshops and training sessions for the staff in both the office and plant facility.  Each year, from that point on, energy audits were taken in order to discover new ways for the company to save energy, while still maintaining its quality standard. This all lead to Wirefab Industries being ISO 14001 certified for environmental management & 9001 for quality management.

Our Growth

With solid state lighting making major headways in the lighting industry, President Hanna Shaheen & former vice-president Bin Yu, saw an opportunity to improve the energy consumption and the impact the company had on the environment as well as a potential marketing opportunity. Early 2012 saw the first draft of the proposal for a new lighting division under the Wirefab umbrella submitted to our parent company Teknion. The proposal became ELS lighting.

In May 2014, Wirefab hired I.K Omagbon (E.I.T) as the Product Manager of the new lighting division. His role was to champion the new lighting division, ELS lighting. Since then the ELS division has seen steady growth with no client complaints.

“My vision for ELS is to create a brand in which clients can trust and believe in its quality and reliability” I.K Omagbon

The Customer

We at Wirefab Industries are committed to our customers. We stay current with the advancements in technology to ensure that we always provide the best products to meet your goals. To us, you aren’t just customers, you’re our valuable partners. On time delivery and competitive pricing are some of the things we strive to provide. When the customer is happy, we are happy. It’s a ‘Win-Win’ for us all.

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