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Our Customer

Ergotech Manufacturing came to us with a desire for a more energy efficient lighting solution to replace old Metal Halide and T12 fixture in their office and plant locations.

The Expectation

Ergotech Manufacturing had planned a complete retrofit of their current lighting system to a more energy efficient system in both their office space and industrial plant facility. The new lighting system will consume less energy than the previous system without compromising the light quality. Ergotech was also concerned about maintenance of the new technology.

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Our Solution

ELS lighting offered Opus 01 series for the office space and 4xlamp T5HO for the industrial space. Opus 01 models are a perfect fit for the drop ceiling space as a replacement for the 4 lamp T12’s. The office space saw a remarkable increase in light levels with the use of less fixtures. The manufacturing facility had its 1000W Metal Halide lamp replace by our 4xlamp T5HO’s which reduced the energy consumption significantly while maintaining equal light levels. Our experienced staff also helped Ergotech Manufacturing to implement its ‘save on’ energy rebate program, which helped them to receive over half of their total project cost in rebate incentives.

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