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Our Customer

Esmond Manufacturing had the pleasure of being the first client of ELS lighting.

The Expectation

As part of its new energy saving initiative, Esmond Manufacturing decided to upgrade their lighting system in both their office space and industrial plant setting. Currently the company had 4xlamp T12’s in the office space, and a combination of 4xLamp T12’s and HIS lamps in the plant facility. ELS lighting was tasked with performing a lighting retrofit for both facilities, without affecting the lighting quality.

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Our Solution

After an energy audit was performed on the entire company space (both office and plant facility), ELS lighting recommended Opus 2’x2’ lamp fixtures for the office space, and T5HO 4xlamp fixtures for the plant facility. In the office space ELS lighting reduced the overall quantity of fixtures from 102 T12 fixtures to just 75 Opus LED fixtures. There was marked increase in light levels accompanied by a 70% reduction in energy consumption from lighting. In the Industrial space, even more savings were realized thanks to our state of the art occupancy sensor technology attached directly to the light fixture. After rebate, Esmond Manufacturing received approximately half of the total project cost with a calculated payback period of 26 months.

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