Our Customer

PRO STONE is a leading and award-winning fabricator and installer of natural and engineered stone in Toronto, Canada. We import our stones from all over the world, allowing you to choose from a large spectrum of stones and colors under one roof.

The Expectation

Pro Stone needed a new lighting system for their brand new showroom as well as other areas in the facility that needed an upgrade. In the new showroom, they required a lighting system that really brought to light the quality of their kitchen and bathroom tiles and marble without having to break the bank in energy expense.

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Our Solution

We installed our Opus-02 LED dimmer series in the showroom and Opus-01 LED series in the rest of the facility. With the dimmer model, Pro Stone could increase or decrease the light output to offset the natural sunlight already coming in to the showroom thus enabling them to save more in energy. For this project, Pro Stone received $1,200 in rebate from the government

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