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Our Customer

Teknion Studio is specifically designed to address the complexity of the 21st century office with varied landscape in which more space is allotted to communal work areas and transitional spaces that serve multiple purposes. The collection comprises of the following: elegant soft seating and tables for intimate meeting areas in the private office; furniture for casual collaborative spaces; alcoves and other areas designated for small groups. Teknion Studio allows each client to create an engaging and inspiring environment appropriate to its culture, its physical space and its work practices.

The Expectation

Teknion Studio needed new lighting technology to go with their brand new office space located in Clayton, NC. The new lighting system was to provide an aesthetically pleasing light to match the studio’s décor while showing the environmental credentials Wirefab ELS has to offer.

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Our Solution

ELS Lighting-Opus series 2’x2’ light fixtures were installed in the office space where the new fixtures were needed. The Edge lit LGT placement of the LED chips helped to create a glare free light fixture with the distributed light pointed directly at the work surface. The PMMA acrylic lens provided an even distribution of light on the required work space with very little light lost to the natural environment. This meant that the light can be placed above or directed at the required surfaces without glare or the need for extra visual aid (unless required). Mounting brackets were provided to help the lights fit properly in locations where the T-bar grids were too far apart (above 2’).

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