Our Customer

VULCAN-VULCAP Industries Inc. is a designer and manufacturer of tire repair and retread equipment of top quality. Our goal is to help your business operate more efficiently and profitably today ...and in the future. We do not bind you into a franchise or rubber supply contract.

The Expectation

Vulcan Vulcap had not upgraded their lighting technology since it first opened its doors at its current location. In the office they had 38 4ft 4xlamp T12 fixture running 35W per lamp, while in the plant they had 32 8ft 2xlamp fixture running 60W per lamp; both of which are outdated technology. Our client needed an energy efficient lighting upgrade that would replace their outdated system. They needed the new system to consume less power while also providing a better light output than what was currently in place.

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Our Solution

For the office, we provided our 40W 2”x2” Opus-01 LED fixture to replace the T12 fixtures. Each of our LED fixtures matched the T12 4xlamp fixture 1-1 in terms of lights quality and output while using 1/4th of the energy. In the plant, we replaced the 32 T12 fixtures with 25 of our 4xlamp T5HO with each fixture providing close to 20,000 lumen per fixture. After project completion, we helped Vulcan-Vulcap save over $2,800 in energy consumption while also receiving a government rebate of 5,660 with a 16 month payback period.

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