Our Customer

"Life is a book of beautiful stories... Our fashion accessories add color, confidence and climax to the stories... You are our super star". Wellco Inc., an importer and a wholesaler, is acknowledged by so many valued customers for its diversified lines of products, good customer service, honesty and competitive prices.

The Expectation

Wellco Inc. needed a new lighting system for their brand new clothing store. The clothing store had to be very well lit at all times with no dark spots so the client needed an LED lighting system with enough light output to match a 4 lamp T8 fluorescent system with using that much energy in their new space of about 3000 sqft.

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Our Solution

After performing a lighting analysis, the ELS team recommended the 2' x 2' LED panel light for the store due to its remarkable output (to match the 4 lamp T8 system) and low energy consumption. After the project completion, Wellco Inc was very happy with the fixtures they received at low cost to them.

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